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39250 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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My mother fell getting out of bed and hurt her shoulder but couldn’t tell me where she was injured at first. Tired to pick her up but she yelped with pain, so I told her she might have a broken bone and that I was pushing the Life Alert button. Life Alert had an ambulance arrive in about 15 minutes which was fast.

D.L., Oklahoma City, OK

Life Alert stayed on the line with me during a scare that my bedroom window was broken. I was upset and became exited. I am a heart patient, Life Alert called paramedics and constantly reassured me with his calm and positive voice. Thank you so much. Will send a list of people of whom I have shared my gratitude for having Life Alert.

A.W., Fort Washington, MD

The service was excellent! I tripped over a chair leg, received a gash in my left leg, an intrusion on right arm and scratches on my head, and tested negative. I have recommended this Life Alert service to many others. The employees were very careful and kind. Thank them for me please.

B.W., Costa Mesa, CA

Life Alert is a life saver. On at least two instances the response has been immediate once the Life Alert button is pushed. The associate is courteous and reassuring and paramedics arrive within the hour. Actually within minutes.

M.W., Lees Summit, MO

Life Alert responded immediately to a call when I began showing signs of a stroke. They contacted my emergency contacts (son and granddaughter) to inform them of my being taken to the hospital. They (Life Alert) also stayed in touch with my son to confirm all actions required and taken!!! I’m alive because of the service provided! Thank you!!!

C.S. Gainesville, GA

I was so impressed with the 4 men. [Life Alert] called my son to come, and [EMT’s] helped me get up and even cleaned up the mess I made when I fell – lunch all over the floor – even a glass of milk on the rug. I was so grateful. It was the first time I’ve had to use them over many years. I want to thank you so much. Thanks again.

M.B., Tempe, AZ

My grandmother slipped and fell in the bathroom. She was home alone and couldn’t get help. Life Alert summoned EMS and her next door neighbors which saved her life.

S.E., Auburn, CA

My dad fell out of his bed July 11, 2018 and he couldn’t get up. He pressed his Life Alert button and right away the ambulance arrived to pick him up. He was ok so they didn’t have to take him to the ER.

E.O., Forest Hills, PA

I did not fall but I couldn’t get up!!! I was getting out of a low cabinet to cook supper, and with severe arthritis in my knees, could not get up!! As a widow, I am proud to be a Life Alert member for approximately 7 years, and am 74 years old for. Thank you – you are the best! When you have the best - you forget the rest!!

D.R., Macon, GA

Life Alert operator stayed on the line until paramedics and fire fighters cleared them to go off. I am grateful to Life Alert for their knowledge and intuitiveness to summon medical assistance without me as a contact person giving the authority to do so. Their calming voice was so very reassuring.

W.F., Topeka, KS

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