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40428 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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In the evening, I was suddenly taken with vomiting and diarrhea, and I pressed my button to Life Alert. They immediately came on. I explained my situation and she dialed or called EMT’s, told me they would be there in 10 minutes and they were. Drove me to the hospital. I had a viral infection and two days later, a heart attack. Life Alert is everything to me.

C.N., Oyster Bay, NY

I had fallen and knew I could not get to a phone. I was near my bed and tried to grab the comforter for assistance, but to no available, did not have the strength to sit up. Life Alert team was helpful and had me on my feet. Would recommend Life Alert to others.

M.I., Niagara Falls, NY

I call many times – I fall easily and sometimes I can’t get out of a chair. They always help me get help quickly. The firemen and EMT’s are so nice and I am usually so embarrassed. I probably call Life Alert 10+ times a year. It has been my savior for around twenty years. I have recommended you often.

N.H., Charlotte, NC

[Friend] fell and required an ambulance to the hospital. The Life Alert representative was very kind and professional and stayed on the phone with us until the ambulance came. Life Alert was very helpful and relieved our anxieties. We were very happy that she has Life Alert, and are happy to use it, if necessary, in the future.

A.M., Forest Hills, NY

I had surgery on my shoulder (rotary cuff) had my arm in a sling. Went to pick up something on the floor. Lost my footing and fell and hit my head on the floor lamp and the floor. Went to hospital to make sure that I had not damaged the arm/shoulder that surgery was done on and they checked out my head. Life Alert was most helpful.

M.B., Beaufort, SC

My father-in-law had only been home three days from his hospital stay for congestive heart failure and he started having delusions. We thought he might have a UTI and we were unable to transport him ourselves. Prior to this call we used your service when he was experiencing shortness of breath and pressure in his chest. He has a live in-care taker and it makes it easy for her to get help for him.

R.J., Whiting, NJ

I woke up in the morning around 6:30 with a burning throat like I never had. Could hardly swallow or talk. The police and ambulance was here in just a few minutes. Life Alert called my family. My throat started to feel better but the EMS felt I should go to the hospital. It was wonderful how fast I had help. It turned out I had a severe acid reflux. Thank you, Life Alert.

A.S., Township Of Washington, NJ

Oct. 20-2018 I had a heart attack – Life Alert saved my life – the emergency help arrived within minutes to help me. The dispatcher stayed on the line and kept checking with me. All I remember saying to her was I can’t breathe – I have pain and pressure all across my arms and chest. I fell asleep while watching TV – next thing I remember – awakened to falling, hitting my head on coffee table and could not get up.

M.M., Fresno, CA

I fell in my bathroom in the middle of the night. I pressed the button and Life Alert responded. Although the door was open you couldn’t hear me. You called (my town’s first responder is the fire department) and an ambulance also responded. You also called my sons, one of whom came and took me to the ER. No damage, all is well.

I.D., Forest Grove, OR

Life Alert responded to smoke coming from a pot of water, no danger, everything turned out okay. Monitors excellent. Communication between parties involved, quality, caring, understanding each other. Excellent follow up. Thank you.

B.H., Winter Haven, FL

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