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35603 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I called Life Alert when I had severe pain and needed an ambulance. They stayed with me until the ambulance came and notified my family. My daughter arrived before the ambulance and rode to the hospital with me. I heard nothing but good reports from all my family about the way Life Alert handled my emergency.

M.W., Duluth, MN

I could not get out of bed. I rang Life Alert by using my bracelet. The alarm was answered quickly and politely. EMS came out and they were able to get me up and to the hospital. I was released 2 or 3 hours later with all my instructions in hands.

M.H., Lupton, MI

I fell in my living room and hit my face on the coffee table and I was unable to get up. I hit the button and the ambulance and 3 attendances came down. Two of them picked me up and held me up. I had my blood pressure checked and they stayed until I was fine and left. My experience with Life Alert was wonderful. Thank you so much.

J.H., Jeannette, PA

My mom slipped and hit the Life Alert button. They immediately contacted the ones on her contact list. They were very quick to let us know of the situation. EMS had already been dispatched before they contacted us. Thank you, Life Alert.

E.E., Seguin, TX

I fell in my bedroom and could not get up. I fell on my back side and hurt my tail bone. I pushed my Life Alert and they were here in no time. They were real nice and helpful. I have a lock box on the front door. They knew just what to do and were in my house in a jiffy. I went to the hospital and was x-rayed and had no broken bones. I’m 93 years old. Thanks for Life Alert.

R.T., McKinney, TX

I developed an agonizing pain in the right side of my right leg and couldn’t walk. I pressed my [Life Alert] button and I got a prompt answer. The fire crew came quickly, examined me and instructed my family to take me to the hospital emergency room. It was diagnosed as sciatica, medication was prescribed and I’m fine now.

R.K., Phoenix, AZ

I fell and [Life Alert] stayed on the line with me until the paramedics arrived and assured they were all set. Life Alert also notified the folks on the list to be notified. Excellent service!

J.N., South Hadley, MA

My husband was unable to get up off the floor after slowly sliding to the floor as I attempted to hold him up. The Life Alert button staff members was deeply concerned and sent out help. The member checked on him periodically until the medical personnel arrived. The Life Alert reassured both me and my husband.

B.A., Forestville, MD

My mother fell in the bathroom and could not get up. That is how I found her and pressed the Life Alert button. They called the paramedics and [Life Alert] stayed with us as long as necessary.

M.C., Kansas City, MO

She got where she couldn’t get up and was very weak on the right side. They wanted to take her [to the hospital] but she refused to go. They were very good to my mom. Life Alert is the best thing that has happened to my mom.

E.B., New Lothrop, MI

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