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41859 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I badly sprained my left ankle and quad muscles reaching around to grab the Clorox wipes behind me! No fall; just overreacted. COVID- 19 made me do! Always wiping often touched surfaces, you know. I hobbled up to bed, thinking it would be better in the morning. By 6:30 AM, I gave up, pushed my [Life Alert] button and the EMT’s arrived very promptly, taking me, oh so professionally, off to emergency. Life Alert certainly saved the day, stayed on the line and was A+.

M.T., Pittsburgh, PA

My husband fell, couldn’t get him up. Pushed the Life Alert button, which was answered right away. They stayed on the line until help arrived. Thanks Life Alert.

M.C, Marrero, LA

I was having back spasms for the previous twelve hours. I was trying to go to the ER. I called my doctor and she was not able to get to see me and the nurse suggested to go to the ER. I pushed my [Life Alert] button and within ten minutes the ambulance was at my home. Life Alert did not hang up until the ER person told them that they had it from there. It was awesome.

H.J., Houston, TX

My husband has had several emergencies falling, or system failures, if you understand. Life Alert has helped each and every time. I cannot tell you how useful their service is.

C.G., Tracy, CA

My father fell when no one was home with him. He could not get up and wasn’t certain if he was hurt, but he remembered to push his button and Life Alert sent EMT’s to the house within a very short time. I and my brother were contacted about the fall. Having the button gives my father the reassurance he needs if no one is home with him.

J.H., Springfield. GA

My father had fallen and could not get up or get himself to a crawling position. He was so weak. I could not offer any more assistance to get him up. We called Life Alert and I explained the situation to the operator and why assistance was required. She was very helpful, calm, and informative as to when help would be getting to our home.

T.W., Summerfield, FL

Wearing new shoes (wedge heel/ ankle strap) for two hours. Suddenly, my ankle turned outward and I fell to the floor. I could not get up- things nearby (couch). I could not get on my knees to get up- Pressed my [Life Alert] pendant- immediately Life Alert made contact. EMT’s came within thirty minutes and got me up.

B.S., Lake Worth, FL

Last year (2019), I called Life Alert for my mother because she was sitting on her potty chair and her eyes started twitching and her head was moving side to side. And the agent stayed right with me until help arrived and was very kind. Thank you so much ?

E.K., Erie, PA

My husband fell in the kitchen, hitting his head against the wall as he fell, leaving an indentation in the dry wall. I was afraid to move him, and unable to lift him. I pushed the [Life Alert] emergency box and immediately an operator came on, notifying me that he would (and did) call the fire department, and he stayed on the line until they came. Actually the police arrived just a little while before the EMT’s, who brought a calmness and a professionalism to the situation. I had been so worried and afraid that I was of no help at all, until they brought order to the situation.

E.J., Bristol, TN

My 92 year old mother fell out of bed and hit her head on the nightstand. She couldn’t respond to the Life Alert and paramedics were summoned. All done in a very timely manner. All contacts were notified immediately and the follow up was much appreciated.

A.G., Lakewood, CA

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