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43282 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I had an allergic reaction. My throat was swollen, tongue swollen, could not breathe. I called Life Alert and a man was here within 4 minutes. The ambulance was here within 15 minutes. Very nice men, they talked with Life Alert and got me in the ambulance and on my way to the hospital. Thank you.

D.H., Mooresville, IN

The emergency person stayed on the [Life Alert] with me all the time until the fire truck arrived. He kept saying I’m with you. The firemen were so kind and made sure I was up. All said and done, I was very impressed with all the help I got. Very nice, thank you Life Alert.

D.D., Sunnyvale, CA

Shortly after midnight, my mother awoke with chest pain. While she was telling me about this, she suddenly vomited. I recognized this as a sign she was having a heart attack and immediately pushed the Life Alert button on her pendant. Mom was treated and released from the hospital only to have another heart attack two nights later. Both events were effectively and compassionately handled by Life Alert.

Y.S., Eugene, OR

I had fallen and could not get up. I used my Life Alert to call for help. They arrived very shortly and stayed with me to make sure I was going to be ok before they left. It is the most rewarding help you can have – very helpful, kind, and considerate. I highly recommend the service regardless of age.

A.F., Charlotte, NC

I live alone. Fell in a small bathroom unable to get up. Pushed my Life Alert bracelet and EMT’s were here within minutes. Water was rising and shower head spray was aimed and my mouth and nose. Life Alert and EMT’s saved my life.

M.M., Martinez, GA

O2 dropped, short of breath… Pushed my Life Alert button and Life Alert stayed with me until the EMS came. Feel very good having them.

L.C., Cleveland, OH

I broke my leg, right here in my kitchen. I had the Life Alert necklace, and was talking to assistance within moments of my fall. The dispatcher stayed with me until EMS was in my house. They also called my family and they were here immediately also. The fast response was greatly comforting and reassuring. I also mentioned Life Alert everywhere I went during this experience!

A.H., Port Clinton, OH

I lost my balance and fell. I always need help to get up. [Life Alert] is concerned, asks questions regarding what meds I take. They are kind and courteous. I feel safe with them.

C.H., Santa Monica, CA

[Life Alert] responded and helped me get the help I needed. They stayed on the line with me until help arrived and then called back later to see if I was ok. I would definitely recommend Life Alert to friends!

S.S., South Webster, OH

I fell (why? I don’t know) and landed on brick, doing some damage which they took care of nicely. Still getting over the damage. [EMS] were held up by the train crossing (which wasn’t fun to wait for) but responded ASAP. [Life Alert] is a good group of people! Highly recommend.

N.M., Delray Beach, FL

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