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42398 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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[Patient] fell in her kitchen late in the morning. After trying to pull herself up she found she could not. She pushed her pendant to sound the alert for help. I received a call from Life Alert that EMS was at her side and being transferred to the hospital. Thank you, Life Alert!

L.M., Wichita, KS

Mom had gotten up from her chair without calling for assistance, falling down and striking her head. Life Alert was notified and rapidly called the police and ambulance. When I got the call notifying me of the event, your team was calm and provided all the details. You run a great service, THANK YOU!

G.L., Wantagh, NY

Life Alert answered immediately. The man was courteous and said an operator would be with me very soon. She then came on and said she would stay with me until the medics arrived (which she did). The medics were very courteous and did all the pre-lim work before we left for the hospital.

J.B., Santa Barbara, CA

I had extreme diarrhea along with much weakness in both legs – which came on suddenly, by myself, in the bathroom with no phone. Afraid to get up – may fall – I used my Life Alert button. A very nice gentleman was there within a few minutes, and helped me to get to the ambulance. I could not live by myself. Many thanks to the gentleman, I was and am ok.

J.M., Finksburg, MD

Very polite and helpful. Followed through on everything. I am glad to have this service. Gives you peace of mind.

B.Z., Fort Myers, FL

My mom woke up and felt numbness in her left arm. Hit the Life Alert button and an ambulance was sent. My mom had a stroke and with quick action, the effects were thankfully limited. Life Alert truly prevented her stroke from having a worse outcome.

H.C., Seattle, WA

I fell and hit my head on the marble counter top in my bathroom. I pressed the Life Alert system in my bedroom. It seemed like only a short time they were at my front door. They put me in the ambulance and got me to the hospital. I received the best treatment for my scalp cut. They were wonderful.

D.F., Madison, MS

When I had an emergency I touched my [Life Alert] button. It was answered right away! While I was waiting for help to come someone was reassuring me that help was on the way! I am a widow and live alone! My children live Canada. I feel safe having my Life Alert button around my neck!

H.F., Honolulu, HI

My husband slid out of bed onto the floor and could not get up. Life Alert staff were notified and emergency help came immediately and assisted us.

J.B., Muskogee, OK

My husband fell in the bathroom in the middle of the night. Help was here quickly. They checked him over and got him back to bed quickly. He did not have to go to the hospital. My husband has used Life Alert several times. [Life Alert] helps give us peace of mind knowing service is only a press of a button away.

T.R., Petersburg, MI

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