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39657 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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August 14, 2018, could have been my last day on this earth. It began the previous evening, when I neglected to check my appointment calendar. I remembered that I had physical therapy the next morning. I carelessly assumed that it was at the usual time of 11:30am. I further assumed that my daughter’s housekeeper, who arrives at 10:00am, could drive me to my physical therapy session. On Tuesday Morning, when I checked my calendar, I was suddenly reminded because of a schedule conflict, my appointment was at 9:00am. It was already 8:30. I hurriedly called a ride service, who indicated he would arrive at the house in 10 minutes, just in time to make my appointment. Then I made an almost fatal mistake. As I headed out the door to walk to the entry gate, I thought that I should go back and pick up the remote control for the gate. But I did not, because I had informed the ride driver that I would be waiting outside the gate. I could open the gate using the control box just inside the gate. Walking slowly with a cane, I reached the gate and entered the code to open the gate. As it started to open inward, I failed to get out its path and gate hit me hard enough to knock me backwards. I landed on the concrete driveway on my right hip. The reaction of the fall caused the back of my head to hit the pavement almost as hard. I was monumentally stunned. I realized that my hoses were trapped between the bottom of the gate and the pavement. The gate reversed its action allowing me to free my shoes and move legs outside of the gates path. My head was hurting very badly and when I reached my hand to feel it, my hand became bloody. I realized that I was bleeding very profusely. My first thought was I might bleed to death before the housekeeper would find me about an hour later when she came to work. Then I really panicked. Over coming that initial panic, I remembered that I had placed the Life Alert’s remote with GPS and voice features in my grab bag. I was able to find the grab bag and find the remote control. I then knew that I was saved as I kept pushing the emergency button, waiting for someone to answer. Finally someone answered. I informed that person that I had fallen on the driveway pavement and that my head was bleeding badly and needed medical assistance. As I heard that person call for assistance, another panic hit me. The medical assistance would need the code to open the gate. Otherwise, they would be on the outside and could not help me on the inside. I was afraid that I could pass out before they got here. So I kept yelling the gate code to Life Alert dispatcher. Soon I heard the fire department ambulance stop in front of the gate. Within minutes, the gate started to open and several firemen were coming to help me. I was so relieved that I could barely respond to their questions. All that I can remember is that they stopped the bleeding from my head, slipped a neck brace on me, stripped me of my blood soaked shirt and pants to physically check me for physical injures, and strapped me on a stiff back board and rolled me into the ambulance. After a short bumpy ride, with red lights flashing and the siren screaming, the firemen delivered me to the emergency room. The medical personals stuck me in multiple places to draw blood and insert an IV. They conducted an MRI exam of my head and X-rayed my hips, chest, and back. After another long wait, the ER doctor indicated that the results of all the test indicated that I was ok, suffering no serious damages, except for various deep bruises and minor lacerations. My body had been banged up badly and I need to rest for a while. By then Life Alert had contacted my daughter, who stayed with me all day until I was released.

T.N., Beverly Hills, CA

I fell over my walker in the kitchen and hit my head. I pushed my button on my Life Alert, they sent the paramedics. I wasn’t hurt, but was shook up. I didn’t need to go to the hospital. Thanks, Life Alert, for the quick action.

D.R., Dunbar, WV

My 88 yr. old mother was confused and unable to communicate with me. I had suspected a UTI already the day before. When she awoke confused and shaky, unable to stand, I knew I had to get her to the hospital. I pushed her [Life Alert] pendant alarm and told the operator we needed transport to a hospital. She made the call and stayed on the line until help arrived. Having the operator on the line was reassuring.

L.V., Port Neches, TX

I was bleeding from the rectum, with a great deal of blood flowing. I had just taken a shower when the bleeding started. Life Alert called 911 and I had good service, and everyone was helpful. I’m grateful for the good service I received.

M.C., Fox Point, WI

On 8/29/18 afternoon, my stomach began to hurt uncontrollably. I let some time pass to see if the pain would go away. But, it was no use, family immediately called Life Alert (I think the rep heard my scream of pain). Life Alert responded and, after a few minutes, help arrived. Once at the hospital, I got the help I needed. Funny today: the problem was that I had a lot of urine retention, of course, due to certain meds. After I was emptied out, all went calm. I thank thee so much, Life Alert.

S.G., Sugar Hill, GA

My husband fell off a bath stool in the shower room, and with his very sick heart, getting up on his own is too much of a strain. So I pushed the help button next to the tub. The Life Alert staff was thorough in finding out his need and called the appropriate assistants (EMT). They were thorough, caring, comforting, and careful with my husband, making sure he didn’t need further medical attention.

A.W., Iowa City, IA

My husband missed his grip and fell at the door to the bathroom. I was able to slide him into the bathroom so he could lean against the tub while I called Life Alert as I was unable to lift him at all. The fire department men responded within minutes of my call to you – and my daughter also responded as she had also been called by you. Thank you.

D.O., Encino, CA

I was nauseated and light headed when I got up in the morning. It was the day I volunteered at the food pantry, so I thought I was just hungry. Eating didn’t help. In fact, I felt worse and knew I couldn’t drive. My blood pressure was 180, I called my daughter who works with my SCP. She came home and verified the blood pressure, than I called Life Alert. The female voice that answered was very calm and reassuring. Asked about my symptoms, who was with me and kept – saying help was on the way. She continued to reassure me until the medics arrived. She also spoke with me daughter, then spoke to the EMT while the other ones took care of me. She stayed on the line till I was in the ambulance. The lady also talked with my daughter on her way to the hospital to be with me. And then called the following day to make sure everything was ok. Thank you, Life Alert does work. Great job, done well!

H.H., Erie, PA

My patient had diverticulitis, I called Life Alert and they called the EMT’s and Life Alert stayed on the phone until the EMT’s arrived. As I always say - having Life Alert is money well spent.

L.C., Los Angeles, CA

I fell in the back yard and cracked my head open – EMT was told and responded, and helped me with all the head injury, and got me up, and sent me on my way to the hospital with my granddaughter. I am so thankful I have my [Life Alert] pendant.

H.K., Modesto, CA

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