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Banner - Home Healthcare Medical Devices: A Checklist  


checkbox checked Please use this checklist to use and maintain your medical device safely and effectively in your home

Image of a consumer

As a homecare medical device user, you should know how your device works.

checkbox Read your patient education information.
checkbox Ask your doctor or supplier questions about your device and take notes.
checkbox Ask what you need to operate your device.
 - Do you need electricity, running water, telephone, or computer connections to operate your device?
checkbox Check to see that your home is suited for your device.
 - Do the stairs, doorways, bathrooms, house wiring, present any problems?
checkbox Keep Instructions for Use close to your device.
checkbox Pay attention to alarms and error messages.
 - Be familiar with what the alarms and error messages mean.
checkbox Follow Instructions as given.
checkbox Call supplier for help if you don't understand how your device works.
checkbox Report to your doctor or device supplier any new problems you have with the device

Image of a consumer

Take care of your device and operate it according to the manufacturer's directions.

checkbox Read your instructions for taking care of your device and follow them for:
 - cleaning
 - replacing batteries, filters
 - protecting your device (e.g. keep food and drinks away from your device).
checkbox Can you safely take your device from home to school, work, church, and vacation spots?
 - Check ahead to see if these other places are suited for your device.
checkbox Dispose of your medical device according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Picture of a medical gas container

Always have a back-up plan and supplies.

checkbox Make sure you know what to do if your device fails.
checkbox Have emergency phone numbers for suppliers, homecare agency, doctor, and manufacturer.
 - Be sure that you have the after-hour phone numbers.
checkbox If appropriate, keep extra batteries for your device.
 - Know how to replace them.

picture of consumers

Educate your family and caregivers about your devices.

checkbox Include them in hospital planning meetings or any device demonstrations.
checkbox Ask them to do a hands-on demonstration to show they can effectively use the device.

Picture of a children and a dog

Keep children and pets away from your medical device.

checkbox Don't let children play with dials, Settings, on/off switches, tubings, machine vents, or electrical cords.
checkbox Don't allow pets to chew or play with electrical cords.
checkbox Check with your supplier to see if you can turn off your device when not using it.

Picture of a medical team member

Contact your doctor and home healthcare team often to review your health condition.

checkbox Check to see if there are new conditions that may change the way you or your caregiver use the device.
 - Are there changes in vision, hearing, ability to move?
 - Have you had an illness, new medicines, loss of feeling?

Picture of a consumer on the phone

Report any serious injuries, deaths, or close calls.

checkbox Report these events to FDA at 1-800-332-1088.
checkbox Report these events to your supplier.
checkbox FDA will take action when needed to protect the public's health.



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